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Jack's Story Pt. 15
A confused look grew on Nokia's face."Why didn't you just get a regular, noncriminal job???" He interrupted. Keith leaned back in his chair and grinded tobacco between his molars. "Oh I tried." He shifted in his seat. "Believe me, I tried...It's hard to find a job that pays enough to cover the cost of food, water, shelter and seriously expensive meds." "Medications?" I raised a brow. "My mother, she was chronically ill. Every day she died a little more right in front of us, but she never failed to smile and laugh. Find good in the smallest of things. At the end of the day she'd pretend to be alright, but I could see the pain in her eyes as clearly as you see the sky during the day, I knew she was tired, and I couldn't do nothin about it." Nokia looked at Keith with sympathy in his eyes. "Well. We havn't picked up a time restrictive assignment in a good while, and certainly not one this last minute." I scanned the area for guards as I spoke. "Well sure its a bit sudden, but we can't jus
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Jack's Story Pt. 14
Getting into the shops was easy. Getting OUT was the hard part,this was because Nokia was very, very indecisive. Last place we managed to pick the lock to the back door, it was a very basic lock so it wasn't hard to get inside. I went in and started searching to find where the first-aid kit was stored. We had already gotten some food from a coffee shop, only because Nokia didn't stop whining about being hungry. I guess it was just me, I was used to going long periods of time without food or rest. Nokia hung behind and started going through racks of clothes and shelves of shoes as if it was just a typical shopping experience. It was not a shopping trip, it was a break-in for basic supplies, but....he didn't seem to be able to tell the difference. I found a first aid kit in the very back of the shop tucked just behind a shattered old mirror that stood propped against the wall in a small cramped storage room. Returning to the central area of the shop, my feet were relieved to feel soft ca
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Jacks Story Part 13
Nokia held tightly onto my left arm and his eyes were locked onto the man as he circled us. He moved behind Nokia and got to his feet, he traced a large 8 on his back and a large 7. Nokia's grip on me tightened greatly. I felt no danger from that man, so I wasn't too worried but the fear that surrounded Nokia made me a bit nervous. "Y're both experiments? If dat' so, why don'yi look like me?!" I didn't give a reply, neither did Nokia, who was now so close I heard his shaking breaths. In a sing songy tone the man cried out, "87eeeeeeen, 77eeeeeeen." He poped up infront of me, "I askin' yi uh question!" I felt Nokia try to yank me back but I stood firm. I heard something...what was it...? It sounded like...footsteps? A lot of them, and they were heading towards this tunnel. The man clearly heard it as well because he smiled then giggled loudly as he jumped back, "Somez us hungry! They'z smell fresh meat, good meat." He scrambled away disappearing around a corner at the end of the tunnel.
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Jacks Story Part 12
I looked down at the limp pale body that lay unconscious on the steel table. Needles poked through the skin and winded about his arms. I recognized the face, the messy brown hair and rather small build. But for some reason, I couldn't recall the name. I also noticed a strange desire that rose in me, a strong urge to claw open his chest and remove the warm beating heart. I leaned closer but just then I picked up a smell, the smell of another person drawing near. I looked over at the woman's body that lay dead on the floor. "Hmpf." I huffed slithering over to the door. It was a long moment before the door opened, it swung out and I remained in place, directly behind it. I heard their footsteps draw to a complete stop. Then I heard the click of a weapon being upholstered. The door slowly fell shut and I lowered down to the floor. I saw a man, only partially armored and walked slowly over to the table I had been strapped too. Soundlessly I slithered up behind him and raised my body up. I e
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Pool Paradise (11thDoctorxReader) One-Shot
Your shoulders slumped down with a sigh as you plopped yourself down on your kitchen chair. You blew your bangs away from your eyes and eyed the Doctor before you who had his usual smile on his lips.
“So what are we doing here?” he asked curiously.
“To relax,” you stated.
He raised an eyebrow at you, not quite sure what you were saying by this. As per usual, the Doctor told you that you could have traveled anywhere in time to relax. He then began to list popular locations such as Paris, Italy, and Venice—each one either a hundred years in the past or a hundred years in the future. You put your hand up to stop him from continuing.
“Doctor,” you began slowly. “I don’t mind time traveling with you and all but, for once can we just cherish the present?”
“Cherish the present…?” he whispered.
His nose scrunched up in confusion and he looked at you perplexed by your choice of words. Being the Doctor, wherever he tr
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A confused look grew on Nokia's face."Why didn't you just get a regular, noncriminal job???" He interrupted. Keith leaned back in his chair and grinded tobacco between his molars. "Oh I tried." He shifted in his seat. "Believe me, I tried...It's hard to find a job that pays enough to cover the cost of food, water, shelter and seriously expensive meds." "Medications?" I raised a brow. "My mother, she was chronically ill. Every day she died a little more right in front of us, but she never failed to smile and laugh. Find good in the smallest of things. At the end of the day she'd pretend to be alright, but I could see the pain in her eyes as clearly as you see the sky during the day, I knew she was tired, and I couldn't do nothin about it." Nokia looked at Keith with sympathy in his eyes. "Well. We havn't picked up a time restrictive assignment in a good while, and certainly not one this last minute." I scanned the area for guards as I spoke. "Well sure its a bit sudden, but we can't just walk away without trying." Nokia stated and drummed his fingers on the table top. I looked at him a long moment, "We can, and we will. I'm not going to fail a mission that was already a lost cause." I said flatly, Nokia looked at me as though I had just stomped a puppy to death. Just as Nokia was about to protest, Keith spoke up. "I've seen your track record JP!" He quickly lowered his voice. "If anyone can pull this off its you and him." Keith pointed his thumb toward Nokia as he looked at me with pleading eyes. "Look, I hate to say it, but again this is cut way too close. I'm sorry but the answer is st-" I was abruptly interrupted by Nokia springing up from his seat and shouting, "We're on it! We'll have you're sis back safe and sound. I promise you that..." Nokia flashed Keith  reassuring smile and I sighed roughly. "Well then, " I began and rested my elbows on the table top. "guess we've got work to do. Keith, you at least know where she's being held right?" I asked and Keith nodded thumbing a slip of paper out of his pocket. He handed it to me and explained that all the details I would need about the security and inside lay out was there, including the security pin to get through the door. "I have to warn you, the man undoubtedly to be the one guarding my sister is Sedrek Jones. Trust me, he has a few tricks of his own that you'll need to be aware of." A look of concern grew on Keith's face when Nokia and I rose from our seats. "Don't start doubting us now Keith. I'm pretty sure that whatever it is, we can handle it no problem." Nokia assured. We departed swiftly, with very little time to waste. In less than 2 minutes I explained the plan to Nokia and with a heavy breath proceeded towards the stairs.  "Alright, I think we should go back the way we came being as it was the easiest feasible route to avoid knuckle head security." I noted slipping my hands into my pockets. "No time!" Nokia blurted crashing passed me. I nearly fell over the side of the rail when he stormed down the steps and threw is body into one of the guards. He managed to knock him off his balance and they both went down, I could have sworn I heard him scream ,"TIMBER" before they hit the floor. "UuuuUUUUUUUUGGH...NOKIA!" I growled impatiently and rushed down the steps after him. By the time I reached the bottom of the stairs Nokia had already gotten up and was hauling it to the nearest exit, pushing and shoving his way through people, most of them drunk or high. As I was heading toward the exit my hood was grabbed and I was jerked backwards. When I broke free and turned around; I was greeted by a less than friendly face. I man that towered at about 6'9 glared down at me, his scruffy brown hair a mess in front of his eyes and he smelled strongly of liquor. "I do NOT have time for this!" I snarled and  my neck was instantly grabbed in a cold fist, I felt my feet lift up off the floor as he raised me to eye level. He grinned darkly but just before he could speak a wine bottle was shattered across the back of his head. I was released from his grip as he collapsed onto the ground and standing there with the half snapped neck of the bottle gripped in his hand was Nokia. The people that heard the glass break or saw the man him drop either laughed or stumbled away. Nokia wore a childish smile, "What would you ever do without me?" He snickered grabbing my wrist and dragging me toward the exit.
Getting a good distance I slowed a bit to read over the slip that Keith had given me. By some blessed miracle the location was only about 2 and a half miles west. When we arrived at the location my nostrils burned from the mold inside the rotting building. Nokia fiddled with the blades I had secured to his forearms but only for a moment or two and we walked inside through a gaping hole in the bricks just at the rear of the decaying structure. I glanced around allowing my eyes to adjust to the darkness then glanced back down at the paper in my hand. "If i'm reading this correctly, the entrance should be right about..."

I walked up to a wall, covered in dots of black mold with dead plants around the base. "" I examined the wall in confusion. I felt around the cold moist surface with the palm of my hand then ripped away some dead vines. "Ooooh, is it a secret door? Like hidden behind the wall?" Nokia asked when he walked up behind me. "Don't be ridiculous, they'd have to have dimension magic in order for a door here to even lead ANYWHERE." I stepped back from the wall with a sigh. "Oh come oooon, YOU'RE the one that wanted me to believe in this magic hu-ha!" Nokia pressed his hands around on the bricks, he moved along the wall until he touched one that sunk inward with a harsh grinding sound as it rubbed past the other stones. A dim light clicked on to the right and I turned my head to see a small iron trap door revealed. "HUZZAH!" Nokia shouted victoriously and ran passed me. The sharp blade on his forearm nearly tore clean through my side. "Watch it when you have those things on!" I said jumping to the side. Nokia puckered his lips somewhat irritated at me and knelt down near the door. The soft blue glow beside it was a keypad with the numbers 0-9. I walked over to the key pad observing it glanced at the paper. I entered the numbers scribbled down and the door clicked softly. I glanced at Nokia and he glanced at me, after a moment he pulled the door open and light flooded out from bellow. A silver lead down into a hall illuminated by bright golden light. I glanced at the watch on my wrist and it read 11:45pm. "We have less than 15 minutes to do this..." I said and quickly Nokia realized the urgency. "Alright... so no playing around then." He said softly. "Its not to late to just walk away and avoid the humiliation." I rose to my feet. "I made a promise Jack, and I don't break my promises. You may not think much of loosing this random girl that you don't even know, but imagine if she was YOUR sister, and you trusted me to bring her home safe and sound. Would you like it if I walked away because of the pressure of a clock ticking down?" Nokia looked at me for a long moment. My shoulders lowered a bit as a sudden guilt rushed over me, I guess my face was easy for him to read because quickly he perked up saying, "Now lets get a move on slow-poke! Just TRY and keep up! HAHA!" He smiled widely and jumped down. He landed with a thump and tore down the hall. He didnt even GLANCE at the directions Keith had given me...! "UGH! Nokia!!!!!" I shouted and jumped down too, he was already at a full stop at the end of the hall with 3 guns pointed directly at him. "Shit shit shit...!" I thought trying to think as quickly as possible. A scream broke my thought sequence and I looked up just in time to see Nokia slice the right hand clean off of the man in front of him. A few gun shot went of but Nokia dropped under them and slashed of the foot of the on nearest to him as he kicked away the gun. He grabbed up the other to and tossed them to me. "Come on slow pooooke!" Nokia teased. I caught them and speed over, "You don't even know where we're going!" I hissed. Nokia smiled softly, "Sure I do. I caught a look at it when Keith handed the paper to you." I wont lie, I was honestly impressed. Nokia jumped over on of the men as he grasped his wrist in pain. "Sorry sorry sorry!" Nokia shouted running down a corridor. I kept track of time in my head very carefully as we proceeded. We speed through half a dozen different halls lined in steel plating, it took a bit longer for my eyes to adjust the the bright lights. When we had arrived at our destination we both had taken down 6 guys, of course Nokia refused to let me kill any of the 12, ...even after one of them spat in my face, but I could always come back for them later riiiiight? 13 minutes had elapsed. We slowed down to a stop and my ears quickly picked up the sound of a girl sobbing quietly, followed by the growling voice of a man. I turned my head and glanced around. There were rows and rows of small cells but all of them were empty. All but one. I peered through the small gap in the iron door to see a young girl sitting crammed in the corner. She hugged her knees close to her chest with her head down. A man had a revolver aimed at her head and 3 other men stood off to the side simply standing by. Obviously a break out was anticipated. But there was only 4 of them, so OBVIOUSLY they didn't expect it to be Nokia and I. "I said. STAND. UP!" The man barked as he tilted his weapon to the side threatening to shoot. He had to be Sedrek, how'd I know? Just a gut feeling, I have a way with names and faces. Lilia climbed to her feet with trembling legs and tear stained cheeks. She couldn't have been any older than 11 years-old. Dirt smudged her pale face and arms as tears beaded off her chin. The man lowered his gun slightly as he looked at the watch on his wrist, noting that time was almost up. I whispered very softly, "Alright, so we need a quick thought out plan in order to reduce casualties. " Nokia nodded and I could tell he wasn't even listening. He grabbed the slightly rusted door knob and wrenched open the heavy door open screaming, "THE CLOCK NEVER CHIMES ON A DEAD MANS GRAVE!" He plowed into the man knocking the revolver from his hand and slamming him onto the ground. The other three instantly drew their weapons. "Or, you know, WE COULD JUST PLOW IN LIKE MANIACS!" I growled rushing onto the scene. The four of them were firmly built men, each armed with a gun of some sort. You know how they say never bring a knife to a gun fight? Yea, thats bull shit.
Jumping to the side I heard a loud shot gun go off, the sound rang in my ears for a long moment but I didn't let it distract me. Covering for Nokia who was wrestling about on the floor I quickly drew 4 daggers and swung around releasing them one by one at specific points through the motion. One of the daggers sliced clear through the throat of the man who wielded a rather hefty shotgun. As he dropped to the ground loud bang shredded the air and a bullet tore through my shoulder. In seconds the wound had healed itself and I looked at my shoulder a moment, "You missed..." I smirked looking at the horrified realization burned into the dark dirt stained face of one who grasped his hand tightly to the side of his head. One of his ears had been sliced clean off from the second dagger I had released and the man that stood beside him had my other two dug deep into his right arm. I saw a flicker in his eye, ever so faint but I knew exactly what he was about to do. As he swiftly raised his good arm and aimed at Nokia I rushed forward grabbing his arm and forcing it straight up just before he pulled the trigger. A loud bang this time rattled my head and nearly made me dizzy. "I hate guns." I growled right when I was suddenly grabbed from behind, the smell of blood stung my nose and made a fierce urge rise up in me. A strong hand clamped around the back of my neck. I heard a far too familiar click as a gun was pressed to my head.  I didn't kick around or struggle though, I wasn't sure at first what it was, but in that moment it didn't matter. I reached back grabbing his wrist, his fingers only tightened digging further into my neck. I felt nothing as I crushed his wrist in my hand hearing the muffled popping of crushing fractures. He cried out in pain and the gun clattered to the floor. With on hand I lifted him up and tossed him over me, he slammed hard into the other man and they both crashed to the ground. Rather calmly I picked up the shot gun and flipped it around in my hand, in one swing I cracked it down on his head and he passed out. I looked down at the other who stared, frozen and stunned. I strongly considered blowing his brains out, but something edged me not to. Dropping the gun I swung my leg back and nailed him in the side of his head with my iron tipped boot, he went out like a light. They'd both live, just would wake up with a hell of a headache. I turned around with a sigh only to see Nokia standing standing in the middle of the floor holding a sparking disembodied arm. "....Dude...This guy had a fully mechanical arm! Like, look how high tech this thing is! It looks so reaaaaaaaal." Nokia observed. I looked down at Sedrek who lay unconscious covered in cuts and gashes but none deep enough to be fatal. I glanced around the room. "Uh....Where the hell is Lilia...?" I asked. Nokia looked up from examining the wires tangled inside the arm and looked about the cell. His eyes went wide with realization and he dropped it, "Ooooooh, crap...." I paused a moment then bolted out of the cell. Nokia jumped over Sedrek's body and run with me, "Okay, okay uh, she couldn't have gotten that far. I mean, this place is big but its not THAT big right? ....RIGHT?" Nokia panicked a bit. "CALM.DOWN. Its going to be fine, I got this." I slowed down to a walk and closed my eyes inhaling deeply. It only took a few seconds in the same room as her for me to have memorized her scent. My eyes popped open as I pinpointed the location she was in. "This way, she's not far." I said turning down a corridor to the right. The scent led us into a large conference room, tables and chairs were all about out of order. Lose sheets of paper scattered the large table and maps plastered the walls. I scanned the room not spotting her anywhere, then crouched down and peered under the table. Lilia sat under the table holding her arms seeming to be holding her breath, she looked at me wide eyed. "Classic hiding spot. Probably not the best though." I muttered crawling under the table. Lilia let out an ear splitting scream, I winced and leaned back. "Hey hey hey! I'm not going to freaking kill you! We came to help you. Sheesh" I crawled closer and she scooted back screaming again louder. I reached for her and she grabbed my hand biting into it HARD. I jerked my hand back and jumped slightly startled, the back of my head slammed hard against the table. "OW! HE-You know what, I haaaaaate kids." I hissed backing out and stood up. "YOU try." I sighed looking at Nokia and crossing my arms. "Why do you hate kids?" He asked curiously. "I have had a very bad and long running war with them. They bite, they spit, they shit, they vomit, and NEVER in the places they should. Like food is for biting, NOT PEOPLES HANDS! And if you THINK their innocent for one second you're an idiot cause i've been cracked in the nuts half a dozen times by those little roaches and they KNOWWWWW what their doing..!" I growled in annoyance. Nokia laughed for a long long minute before finally getting on the floor and crawling under the table. He stopped a good few feet from Lilia and sat back on his knees. "Hi there." He said gently with a warm smile. "My name is Nokia, whats your name?" he asked her. We already knew her name, so I wondered why he even asked. "I-its... Lilia. B-but, I prefer to be called Lil.." She stammered in a shaking whisper. "Oh, Lilia? Thats a beautiful name! Its a pleasure to meet you. My friend and I are here to help you outta here, we were sent to come get you." Nokia explained softly. "Now, you think you could tell me if you're hurt anywhere? Any soreness or cuts?" Lilia nodded a little bit and slowly extended her arm, unfolding her right hand a deep gash torn through her palm was revealed, most of the blood had dried up. "Ouch.." Nokia carefully took her wrist examining the wound a moment. "Don't worry, we'll have this patched up in no time at all. You'll be good as new." Nokia assured and Lilia's eyes filled with tears. She moved forward swiftly and threw her arms around Nokia, hugging him tightly she began crying again. "Everything's going to be okay. You're a very strong girl." Nokia held her in his arms and wormed his way out from under the table. He stood up holding the sobbing child in his arms comfortingly. "C'mon, lets get her outta here." Nokia whispered walking passed me. I couldn't understand how he did it. I've tried to calm children down before when they were in hysterics, but it NEVER i repeat NEVER went smoothly. I could only handle infants, BEFORE they learn to walk or speak. Thats pretty much it.
40 minutes later we found ourselves wondering aimlessly through the woods, Nokia still carrying Lilia who was now sound asleep. We'd realized Keith never told us where to meet him if it was a success, and we certainly couldn't go back to that club. "Well...I'm stumped. I have no idea where we should even begin looking for em'." Nokia sighed and sat down under a large tree  with large looming branches. The cold wind chilled me down to the bone but I ignored it and sat down beside him. Lilia curled up tightly in Nokia's lap and shivered. Looking at he a moment I pulled off my coat and laid it across her. I flipped the paper around in my hand for about the hundredth time searching all over it for an address, a clue, ANYTHING. "Doesn't make any sense." I mumbled bending my knee and propping my arm up. I leaned back against the cold bark of the tree. "What doesn't make any sense??" Nokia asked and kept his voice low to not wake Lilia. "Why would Keith FORGET to tell us where to bring his sister? Hell, I don't think anyone could forget that. I mean, if I had just hired two criminals to get my sister out of the grasp of even more criminals, i'd leave a long list of detailed instructions on where to go after. Wouldn't you?" I turned my head looking at Nokia for affirmation. "Well, yeah. I mean, i'd be too concerned to forget something as important as that. I'd want her back so of course I'd remember to tell them em' to go. It probably did just slip his mind though. He was under a lot of stress and tension." Nokia sighed. I didn't buy it, not for a second. "No, thats not it." I said in a slight daze as I began thinking deeply. "He was really twitchy, glanced at his watch every few moments. He bounced his knee impatiently while speaking. Rushing through almost. But I don't think he was anxious about the time crunch. It was something else." Nokia raised a questioning brow and asked, "What makes you think that?" "He was playing cards." was my simple answer. "I certainly couldn't focus enough to play a game of cards while someone I cared about was minutes away from getting slaughtered." "Maybe he plays cards when he's stressed. To easy his nerves?" Nokia thought a moment on it. I shook my head. "Do recall the arrangement of the cards? He was playing Fourty Theives. A game like that requires a lot of patients and focused thinking, and from what I saw, he'd nearly won it. Would anyone really have that kind of patients at a such a time? Somethings up here." Nokia suppressed a sneeze then spoke, "You're just going on what you think, there isn't really any solid proof that somethings up. Besides, I have an idea. Lilia is sure to know where she lives right? We just ask and meet him up at his place. Though, I don't really wanna wake her up." "Actually, that gave ME an idea. Yes, wake her up." Nokia sighed a little but proceeded to wake her. He gently shook her a moment. "Hey Lilia, need you to wake up for a minute. Lilia?" She stirred a bit and her eyes drew open. After a long yawn she sat up. "Hey, just need to know where you and your brother live." I asked before Nokia could speak. Lilia looked at me in a confused silence, so I repeated myself. "Where do you and your brother live??" Lilia rubbed her eyes, "I live on Leicro Dr. near an old water tower. But, I don't have a brother." She yawned. Nokia and I exchanged a glance. I rose to my feet suddenly becoming fully aware of others presence. But I wasn't exactly sure if it was just my nerves. "So he lied...?" Nokia looked up at me. "This was a ruse. And where theres a trick, theres a trap." I spun on my heels looking all around, but I didn't see a thing that revealed any sign of danger. Uneasy, Nokia climbed to his feet setting Lilia down at his side. "Whats going on?" She asked with another half yawn. "HA! Took yea' long enough to figure it out. I was getting boooored." A rough voice laughed. I swung around but didn't see anyone. Suddenly a man lept down from above. He landed with a heavy thud as leaves fluttered down from the branch he dropped from, he stood only inches from me but I didn't step back. He was tall quite tall. Nokia took Lilia's arm and shuffled back a bit. I peered up at him and he crossed his arms grinning. He was rather muscular, wore his blonde hair short and swiped to one side. His vibrant green as shimmered in the moon light and I noted the scare dug down his face across his left eye. Another scar could be seen on his bottom lip as an amused smile crossed his face. "I've been looking for you. For a VERY long time Pita. Luckily, a few other people around wouldn't mind seeing yea' gone so I got a decent share of info. But then suddenly you started cleaning up yer' act, I don't like it when the trail runs dry Jack. It really pisses me off." He leaned down and hissed in my face. I stood my ground and stared blankly. "I've taken out scum like you just for fun. And there is 2 of us, and only one of you. Maybe you should rethink this. Hmm?" He slowly smiled. "An who said it waz' only me?" He clicked his tongue smirking. "C'mon down boyz." He called. Two others dropped down from the tree, just as tall as he, and just as built. But i've learned that strength isn't every thing. "WHO are you?" I asked. "You don't remember us? Im hurt Jack, really. I am. It's me, Xeno. And these two? Zane and Uja. Well, ha, Zane's actual name is Zacharias but it don't fit as much." Xeno shook his head, "Never thought you'd forget about us." "Jack...You know them...?" Nokia asked. I kept my eyes locked with Xeno's. "No. I don't know them. And if I did, I don't recall." I was tense now and thats when Zane walked over to me. His long black hair was secured in a braid with a sliver blue clasp at the end of it. His sliver grey eyes seemed to read into mine. "Maybe this will refresh your memory." He grind holding up his hand. Slowly large claws grew and he hooked his fingers in front of my face, just barely touching my skin. My eyes went wide and it felt as if my heart just exploded. The sounds of ghostly screams began to fill the air all around me getting louder, louder, LOUDER. A bright flash seemed to blind my eyes.

I blinked a few dozen times so my vision would clear up. My face was pressed against the cool glass of a shops front door. The store name was printed in gold lettering across the top. I was too short to even reach the door knob, thank god you'd only need to push it to get it open. I stood watching my dad just across the street speaking to some men that had come up. They called him by name, not many people called him by his first name, it made me curious. I wondered, were they his friends? The smell of freshly brewed coffee was tickling my nose as I listened to the clinking and clattering of dishes. My eyes widened when I saw one of them grab my dads neck and lift him up, slamming him against the cold hard brick of a small department store. I couldn't hear a thing being said but I could read the pain on my fathers face as easily as an open book. But beyond that I saw determination....strength? I wasn't sure... I pressed my face more firmly against the door watching more closely. I could see blood dripping from his neck. Thats when fear struck, my feet went cold and my hands felt numb. My heart raced as I saw a hand raised, the claws... I remember those claws... I remembered this day, this moment! I was reliving it, I was living it all over again! The day.... My thoughts were shattered and I winced when they sliced his face clean off in one swipe....the blood... Oh my god the blood.... I stood there staring...Frozen in place with horror as my dad was mauled to death right before my eyes by these- these... animals... tore him to literal shreds. After...there was a moment of stillness....Silence... Then... Then the group broke apart, they started going after EVERYONE! Anyone they saw on the streets was a new, fresh target. People were being taken out faster than you could imagine. A woman ran up behind me and grabbed me away from the door. "C-come on sweety. Lets go." She said with a fear fill voice. I was still frozen, I couldn't blink...didn't breathe...didn't think....just stared.... The woman got in front of me seeing my horror and knelt down. She must of saw me for exactly what I was, a horrified kid... I'd only just turned 8, maybe she felt that she NEEDED to protect me. She should have saved herself... "Look at me, honey look at me. Its going to be okay but I need you to follow me. Just somewhere safer. I promise you'll be okay. Alright sweety? Its okay." She put a shaking hand to my cheek and forced a smile. Finally I blinked and looked at her. Her eyes were filled with tears. She had a warm pleasant smile and deep brown hair that came down to her shoulders. I noted how soft her hand felt. "Okay, c'mon. Lets go." Just as she rose back to her feet the loud sound of shattering glass screamed through my ears. We both looked towards the source. One of them men that had attacked my dad... He jumped clear through the front window and landed on one of the tables. Pain filled screams flooded through the shattered window. His claws were fully extended as he scanned about. Glittering bits of glass danced around his feet. The woman threw her hand over my mouth and pulled me down out of sight. She held me close in her arms and signaled me to stay quite. I didnt speak...I couldn't have even if I wanted to. I heard the glass grind against the table as he turned around and jumped down. The woman was trembling but I was stiff.... I only listened... I listened to the foot steps walk only a few steps then stopped. "Hmm..." he hummed then started walking again. But now there was the grinding sound of of his claws dragging across the wall. Closer, closer, and closer he got. But then, he stopped. He turned around and walked away. One step more and he would of seen us both. I felt the womens arms relax slightly with relief as his foot steps got further and further away. I finally allowed myself to breathe. Suddenly the womans head was grabbed, she cried out in agony as claws slightly pierced her skull. She released me and I stumbled away quickly. I turned around, scooting back in terror as he lifted her high off the floor. My back pressed against the wall and my eyes got wider. She struggled weakly, grasping his wrists and begging him to let her go. Tears shimmered down her face and he smiled ear to ear bringing her closer to his face. "You'll make a fine meal." He thought aloud. "P-please... Please no!" She gasped pleadingly. His teeth got sharper and more jagged. Her eyes got wide but then she looked at me, "R-run...! RUN!" She cried out. That kicked me in gear, I got to my feet and ran to the door, throwing my whole body into it in order to push it open. I got out side and the screams grew louder. People run from the streets, desperately seeking shelter. Growls and roars and laughs could be heard above the screams. I was running... but then I wasn't. I skidded to a full stop in the middle of the road. People ran passed me all around rushing about... My chest felt heavy and a knot grew in my throat....I stared at the scene of pure hell that lay before me... Piles of bloodied bodies, masses of torn limbs, heaps of shredded and charred flesh...I just stared....Tears streamed down my face but I didn't feel anything.... Not for a long moment anyway. It wasn't until a powerful gust of cold wind struck me that I could feel again. Something had happened to me in that moment, something changed.. But I didn't understand what. Not then. Finally returning to my senses I ran, I ran as fast as I could  and thoughts rushed in my mind. I remembered crates... A stack of crates beside one of the stores, they were small but so was I...! I ran to them as quickly as I could and the first one a saw I forced open. I got the lid up and climbed up onto it. I dropped down inside and curled up tightly in the confined space. The lid dropped shut with a thump. I bright my knees close to my chest and dug my nails into my wrists. Ducking my head down I raised my hands and pressed my palms over my ears firmly, trying so hard to block out the sounds. And I cried.... I just cried softly for hours.... so many hours...I was to weak to fight, to scared to scream, to pathetic to even leave that box till well after nightfall.... At last I had pushed the lid up and peeked out. It was silent....but not just silent... it was dead... Not a sound..Not a single light dared to shine...Very slowly I climbed out, my legs felt sore and my toes numb. The wood had painfully scrapped my elbows raw. In the cold dark night, I managed to stumble all the way home. I don't know how I made it, I was so tired but somehow I made it.
"Jack!?" A voice screamed. "JACK!!!!!" The voice screamed louder and I snapped back into reality. It was Nokia. I blinked and realized I was on the ground, a fist curled around my neck and claws slicing into my skin. I smelled the strong scent of fresh blood, it was my own. They must have been batting me around quite a bit. I slammed my feet into Xeno's stomach and threw him off of me. I stumbled to my feet and saw Zane holding Lilia in the air by her ankle. She struggled all about. Turning my head I could see Uja pinning Nokia to the ground under his boot. "Oh, look whose back with us." Zane grinned at me. I swung around to look at Xeno, "Let them go, or i'll kill you I swear it!" I shouted, trying to sound braver than I actually was. I guess he saw through the act, because he stood to his full height and smiled down at me. "Are you afraid?" He asked, sound amused. "Fear is just a state of mind!" I growled snatching a dagger from my pant holster. Just as I was about to launch it into Xeno's throat he raised a finger, "Ah, ah, ah. I wouldn't advise such a rash decision Jack." He pointed behind me. I turned around to see Uja with a gun to Nokias head, and Zane with a gun to Lilia. "...I really...hate....guns..." I whispered to myself. I turned back around to Xeno. "What do you want?" I asked, knowing the answer. "Well the boss is pretty pissed you escaped Jack." Xeno's smile faded. "Escaped..?" I echoed in confusion.  This was a problem I have started running into lately. I'd piss people off and not even remember doing it. "We just wantcha' back. You come with us, and we let those two walk. Deal?" I considered his offer. "No Jack. Don't be stupid, we can all get outta this. You dont have to a-" Nokia's voice was cut off into a pained cry as Uja's heel began to crush his ribs. "Can I just put a bullet in her already?" Zane asked getting restless. "Now, we're reasonable people. We can work this out." Xeno said calmly. It was then that I got an idea, a small rift opened out dropped a sound grenade. If I learned anything about these beasts, these creatures. Is that the best way to stun them for a bit is to make a hell of a loud bang. I plucked out the pin, "You're disgusting filthy creatures, you are NOT people, hell, you're just filthy BEASTS." I spat and  dropped the grenade instantly adjusting my senses to brace for it and jumped back. Nokia saw it first, he closed his eyes quickly and the others had no chance to brace themselves. There was a painfully intense bang and the three of them collapsed onto the ground just as a blinding burst of light erupted. My eyes very swiftly refocused and I snatched Nokia up to his feet. He stumbled a bit but held his own. I knew he was gonna feel that one for a little while though. Quickly I hurried over and snatched up Lilia in my arms. She was crying and screaming but luckily she didn't squirm too much. I bolted and Nokia followed right behind. "I can't see! I can't see!" She was screaming in panic. If that much damage was done to a human with normal senses it must have really fucked up those...what ever the hell they were... with much higher senses. Though, just as their senses are greatly stronger than a humans, so are their healing factors. Meaning that the damage would easily reverse in no time. Nokia stumbled every now and then but he didn't loose much speed. We didn't slow down much until we were well out of the wooded area. Luckily we heard nothing more from Xeno or his buddies. They probably figured it'd be better to think up their plan before coming after us.

I placed Lilia down on the ground beside a small house. We had made our way to a little settlement a few miles south. There wasn't much commotion there, in fact it was very quiet aside from the soft murmur of conversation that could be picked up every now and then. Lilia had stopped screaming but she still cried softly, her body shaking and trembling and her eyes were rather dull. Nokia knelt down beside me, looking Lilia over a moment and then sending me a sympathetic glance. He whispered softly, "Think it'll ever come back?" He looked at Lilia then back at me. I lifted my hands, "Think its about time you figured out that magic is in fact real, and that this" My hands glowed a soft red. "is only the beginning." I placed my hands on both sides of Lilia's face for only a moment. The glow faded once her vision had been repaired and she blinked a few times. She looked all around. Nokia stared in awe as Lilia looked right at him, "I...can see!" She hugged Nokia tightly. My face grew into a bitter expression. "....You're welcome." I said sarcastically and got to my feet crossing my arms. After Nokia was certain that Lilia was well enough to travel, we began the long, painful, endless journey to return Lilia home. .....Well it was only about a 3 hour walk but it felt like daaaays because of Nokia! "So how does it work?" Nokia asked. "WHERE does it come from? Can ANYONE use magic or do you have to be born to it? Does it have limitations? If it does, what are those limitations? Can you use different spells? Do the spells ever back fire? Can you FLY?!" Nokia's questions made my brain feel like it was going to melt through my ears, mostly because of the ones I DIDN'T have an answer for. My mind was buzzing with thoughts. But I guess is was a good thing, all his questions kept me distracted from thinking about what had happened... Prevented me from reliving it all over. I thought in silence as we walked and allowed Nokia to amuse himself with his own unrealistic interpretations of magic.
Getting into the shops was easy. Getting OUT was the hard part,this was because Nokia was very, very indecisive. Last place we managed to pick the lock to the back door, it was a very basic lock so it wasn't hard to get inside. I went in and started searching to find where the first-aid kit was stored. We had already gotten some food from a coffee shop, only because Nokia didn't stop whining about being hungry. I guess it was just me, I was used to going long periods of time without food or rest. Nokia hung behind and started going through racks of clothes and shelves of shoes as if it was just a typical shopping experience. It was not a shopping trip, it was a break-in for basic supplies, but....he didn't seem to be able to tell the difference. I found a first aid kit in the very back of the shop tucked just behind a shattered old mirror that stood propped against the wall in a small cramped storage room. Returning to the central area of the shop, my feet were relieved to feel soft carpet in alternative to sharp stones or granite. I had found Nokia sitting on the floor in front of a full-length mirror that was mounted to the far west wall. He held up several different shirts to himself and tossed some in a pile to a small pile left of him, and others into a smaller pile to the right of him. I walked over, "Uh, what are you doing??" I asked examining the mess and Nokia looked up at me. "Whats it look like?" he snorted. I knelt down beside him placing down the aid kit, "Just pick something, we'll find clothes of better materials elsewhere. This is only a quick stop after all." I unlatched the rings and popped open the aid kit. "Just because we're thieves, doesn't mean we have to look indecent. And all of these colors are so bland and boring. What is this the 1800's? " Nokia started to flip through a stack of jeans that sat in front of him shaking his head at some and pulling out others. I bit back my annoyance and grabbed his leg, pulling his left foot over to me. I took took out a bottle of rubbing alochol and poured it over his foot. "OW! OW! THAT STINGS!" He cried out yanking his foot away from me. I snatched his ankle and pulled it back, "It's gonna hurt a hell of a lot more when you get an infection and have to have your whole freaking leg chopped off." at that Nokia held still. I grabbed a cloth and unrolled it, cleaning out the cuts and the dirt from his foot and scrubbing away the dried blood. He winced and jerked his leg every now and then as I got to the deeper wounds. Upon successfully cleaning away all the dirt I grabbed the bandages and wrapped his foot up snuggly. Nokia pulled his leg away and tucked it under him. "..that hurt..." He whined after a long moment. "Other foot." I snapped my fingers. "Ugggh, c'moooon. I can do this myself." He sighed. "Other. Foot." I said again. It wasn't often that anyone would offer to stick around with me, most people I encounter are usually trying to avoid me or shoot me. For some reason I felt that I absolutely had to take care of Nokia, and if anything were to happen to him it'd be my fault. Danger does follow me where ever I go after all. After a bit of hesitation Nokia extended his other leg with an annoyed sigh. I tended to the wounds on that foot and after bandaging them I allowed him to go. He wrinkled his nose and stood up. "Thanks." He said simply. "Well i'm going to go change." I said and got up too. A few thousand thoughts were floating around in my head but I shoved them to the side. Most of which were brought about by worry, but worry can distract you sometimes and make everything worse of which is why I try my best to control my emotions. I walked down a small narrow hall into one of the even smaller dressing rooms and pulled the thick cloth curtain shut. For a minute or two I just stood there thinking. I opened a rift and reach in feeling around a moment until my fingers touched cloth, I pulled out a pair of my boots which I were often. Often enough to have added nearly a dozen hidden pockets and slots to them. I placed them on the floor and reach back into the rift grabbing a clean pair of black jeans, they had a few tear down the side but they were still in one piece. I reached into the rift with my free hand and drew out a pair of comfortable socks and a long black and red trench coat laced in buckles and hidden inside pockets/holsters. I smiled to myself a moment, sometimes it was nice to have a portable wardrobe. I snagged a black t-shirt out of the rift then sealed it. After scrubbing my feet clean with a damp cloth I changed my pants and pulled on my socks. After fixing my hair a moment I stuffed my feet into the boots and pulled the shirt over my head at the same time and snatched my trench coat up. I pulled it on and flipped the collar upwards taking an extra second or two to adjust the cuffs. I never told Nokia that thieves had to be out of style now did I? I shoved the curtain to the side and walked out pleased to finally have shoes on. As I shifted one of the buckles on my sleeves Nokia looked at me. "Whoa! Where the heck did you find THAT outfit?" He stared at me. I looked up at him. Part of me wanted to tell him about the magic I had, but...I also didn't. For so long my magic had been seen as nothing more than a weapon, as often as possible I avoid using it in combat just because of a self contious feeling. I didn't want Nokia to look at me differently either, he already expressed his disbelief in the possibilities of magic. I'd much prefer he found out it was legit some other way. "Wait there..." I said turning around and walking back to the dressing room. I opened the rift and thought for a long moment. I reached in and pulled out some of my clothes that I was sure he'd be able to fit and returned to Nokia after sealing the rift. "Here." I handed him the clothes that drapped over my arm and a pair of shoes. He looked at them curiously. It took him 15 minutes to pick out a flavor of muffin at the coffee shop.... A freaking muffin! He had to be the most indecisive person I had ever met in my whole life. "Stop wasting time searching through this junk and just change into that." I said trying not to lose patients as I gathered up all the things he had tossed about. Maybe he just didn't realize that our goal was to make it seem like no one had been here. Nokia walked off and went into the dressing room, tugging the curtain shut behind him. While he changed I fixed the mess he made, put away the first aid kit and tossed out the dirty cloths. After a bit of looking around I found a bathroom, flicking on the light I turned on the faucet then began to wash my face with hot water. For some reason, I was REALLY cold. Like, colder than I had ever felt before. It was just a really strange cold all over. After a few minutes I turned off the water and stood up, spat out some of the hot water and looked into the mirror. I didn't look like I was getting sick.I didn't feel sick really...Though I knew it wasn't that cold or Nokia would be complaining nonstop.
Suddenly Nokia came bolting around the corner, heavy thuds followed his swift heavy boot steps. He appeared in the doorway, "DUDE!" was the only thing he said with a childish smile. I dried my face off with a cloth that dangled at the edge of the sink and looked at him. He wore black leather ankle boots that were designed to take a good beating or two with sharp metal gears connected on the backs. He also dawned a midnight black medium length trench coat with electric blue buttons and seams, black fitted jeans and a dark gray and black fedora. "I look like a fliping spy! Oh, OR an exagent!" He said with a boyish tone. "But not that classic boring spy, like a badass spy of the future sorta thing." His eyes practically glowed with joy and the buttons made his bright blue eyes stand out even more so. He tilted the fedora down and posed. "This is front cover material, right here. Wouldn't you agree?" He grinned. I shook my head but couldn't hold down a smile. He was a strange person, but in a good way I guess. That was the outfit I wore when I first took off from home, somehow managed to not wreck it while running from a small pack of wolves. But they weren't even wolves, just guards that changed their form in order to pick up my scent and hunt me down. Yeah... In the beginning, my mom tried desperately to keep me from leaving that realm. From setting out her "wolves" on me, to chaining me in an underground vault, which mind you wasn't fun for a kid. I never really could figure out WHY she wanted so desperately for me to stay, and I didn't stick around for a second extra to ask her. I just remember when I saw my window of opportunity, I went for it. My sister was about to leave on a quick trip to a town located in, well I forgot what the realm was called, but anyway she needed to open one of her rifts in order to get to it. The moment that rift was opened, I was out. I scrambled across the floor like a scared mouse, slammed past her and just threw myself into the rift. Ended up in a huge city, and I had to avoid her for a while. Blinding in with the crods and keeping low. Eventually, I learned all her tricks and was able to keep away from her easy. Shortly after she gave up and had to continue with her other assignments. Though she still shows up every now and then, trying to be threatening. But mostly all I see when I look at her is that little girl, clutching her creepy stuffed crow. She denies it, but I know that deep down she's still my big sister, even if she did act younger most of the time. She used to be so childish that I would just start calling her little sis. Which she didn't seem to mind at all. But in truth, she's 2 years older but god was she short for her age. Most of the shelves in the house she couldn't even reach.

"Well, we better get going, we need to find a place to stay. I don't know about you but I could use a nap." I yawned. Nokia didn't look too worn out, though he did sleep across my back for how many hours? We left the shop and started scanning about for a place that was uninhabited. Nokia still walked with a bit of a limp, but he did well to keep up. "Hey look there." Nokia pointed. I looked and saw a small house, it looked empty and forgotten. Grass grew up to your knees and vines wound wildly around the stone walls. "I guess that'd do. I mean. I've had to stay in worse places." I muttered and we made our way over to it, nearly tripping in the tangled grass. The door to the place was unlocked and I had to tear away some vines that stretched up along the door before I could pry it open. Peeking inside I saw a tight empty room and a couple doors. We walked inside looking around. The walls where a worn down gray, wallpaper flaked off onto the floor, the wood floor was dusty and squeaky. A crystal chandelier hung lonesomely from the high ceiling. The house was only one floor, but the ceilings were very high making it feel a bit more spacious, but, the place seemed, sad? Bare hooks hung on the walls, where long-forgotten paintings once sat. Doors were opened or cracked, giving you only a slight peek into what was. Tears in faded gray, paisley wallpaper was browned in areas from water damage. Nokia pushed open a door into a small kitchen area. He felt around the wall for a switch. "I doubt there is any electricity in this place." I sighed. Nokia found the light switch and flicked it up. Surprisingly the kitchen lights buzz softly then came on. I glanced up at the chandelier and walked over to a switch, i flicked it up and the soft yellow light shined, sparkling through the crystals. "Guess you were wrong." Nokia said. I heard a mocking smile in his voice. "Alright, well then I doubt there is running water." I noted. Just then I heard water rush from the tap in the kitchen sink. "Wrong again." Nokia called. Well, I wasn't going to complain about either thing. "At least that means I can have a decent shower." I said walking into the kitchen just to see Nokia half hidden, crawling into a cabinet. "What are you doing?" I asked raising a brow. He crawled back out after a moment and threw his arm up clutching a bar of soap victoriously. "I'm first!" he hollered scrambling to his feet and bolting past me. "If'en yea find dah' bafroom befer' i does." I said using a slurred accent. That threw him off a bit and he stopped, turning around to look at me, a look of questioning on his face. I ran past him and started throwing open doors as I went. "HEY!" Nokia shouted and ran ahead of me. "Closet, closet, bedroom, laundry room." Nokia said as he opened different doors with a disappointed look. He slid over to the other side of the hall and yanked open a door, "OH YEAH!" He shouted triumphantly just as I had opened a closet door in one of the bedrooms thinking it might be a bathroom. "No way you found it that fast." My eyes narrowed and I stepped out into the hall to see Nokia dancing backward into the bathroom. I looked at him blankly as he poked his head back out of the doorway and smiled. He made an "L" shape with his fingers. "Looooooser." He taunted then laughed. I ran down the hall toward him. "Oh shi-" he slammed the door shut and I heard the lock click. I snorted and laughed a bit.I heard the water turn on on the other side of the door. "What are you going to wash with dill-weed?" I asked. It was silent in the bathroom a moment. "I'll use my socks as cleaning cloths." He announced. "That's just gross. " My face twisted and i opened a small rift. I reached in and pulled out a few washcloths then knocked at the door. "Here." I said sealing the rift. Nokia unlocked the door and opened it. I handed him the washcloths and he looked at them. "Where'd you find these?" He asked. "The water is still running." Is all I said and walked away. I heard the door click shut and went into one of the empty bedrooms.

I glanced around and sighed roughly. Even if we were only staying there one night, I wanted to be at least somewhat comfortable. Starting with HEAT. I needed to get the heat on, I was freezing my ass off. I walked into what I could only assume was the living room and knelt down in front of the fireplace. I sighed looking at the pile of ash and rose back to my feet. I slashed open a rift and reached in, i yanked out a broom and began to clean out the ashes. When I finished I opened a rift inside of the fireplace and firewood rolled out, one by one. After, I closed the rift and opened another. I reached inside and pulled out a box of matches and struck one. I lit the firewood and watched the fire slowly grow and spread. I stood up and dusted ash off my hands. I glanced at the two windows that sat on either side of the fireplace. "Hmm..." I thought a moment. I opened another rift and reached inside. I felt around for a minute and pulled out red silky curtains and a couple gold hanging rods. Why did I carry any of this stuff with me? Because after all the places i've had to use for shelter I figured i'd as well bring some decent curtains and furniture. And as far as I could tell my rifts didn't exactly have a limited storage space. I hung the curtains up and closed the over the windows. It felt warmer already in the room, and the fire made for a warm welcoming light. I opened a rift about 4 feet off the floor and a Futon Sofa fell out of it. "WHAM!" It crashed against the floor. "What thee HELL was that?!" Nokia shouted from the bathroom. I thought for a second. " I fell." was all I came up with. "Did you also gain 200 extra pounds?? That was LOUD!" "I fell from the window seal." I looked towards the hall the lead to the bathroom. A moment of silence, "Are you dead...?" I sighed hearing the question. "Yes Nokia, i'm dead and you're talking to a ghost." I walked around to the front of the sofa and pushed it up against the wall near the fireplace. "The one day i'm not wearing my anti-ghost possession pants..!" When I heard Nokia shout that I nearly fell into the fireplace laughing. I completely random thing to say, yet somehow it just made me laugh. I couldn't remember the last time I had a good laugh. I got a stack of blankets out of one of my rifts and before long I found myself wrapped up in 3 of them, shivering in front of the fire. It was as if my body temperature was COMPLETELY thrown off and impossible to regulate. Maybe I was catching a cold or something after all. I sat there a little while, and slowly felt my body starting to warm up. Then I remembered something. I could use my rifts...! That book! I immediately focused on the prison, I thought about the book in detail and a rift split open. I reached through and my hand touched rocks and metal then a familiar material. I gripped the book and pulled but it was stuck under something. I shifted and untangled myself from the mass of blankets and reached back in with both hands. Why the heck was there explosives lining a prison anyways? So if anyone outside caught wind of what they were doing just underneath, they could get rid of the evidence quickly? Well, that backfired didn't it? I gripped the book in both hands and pulled as hard as I could, wiggling the book side to side and finally I got it lose and was able to pull it out. I didn't really read much of it, though I guess I might as well. I shook some dirt and a few stones off the book and dusted it off. I climbed up off the floor dragging the blankets with me and sat down on the sofa. I pulled my legs up and placed the book in my lap, i twitched around a bit as I got the blankets snug around me and opened the book. I thumbed through pages, almost all of them blacked out in ink but a few. I sighed. There HAD to be a way to remove the extra ink without completely erasing the words written beneath. Was there? Was that even possible? I sighed roughly and slammed the book shut. Opening a rift I tossed it though, i'll figure it out later. When Nokia emerged from his bath 2 HOURS later the bathroom was smothered in steam. I looked at him as he dried his hair with a spare cloth and came into the living room. He then glanced around and stopped walking midstep. "Where'd the couch come from...? and the curtains..?" He asked. "Found em' in a storage room, real small. Firewood was outside round back." I lied through my teeth, it had become second nature in most cases. I got up of the sofa and unwrapped the blankets from my body. "Guess i'll go take a shower now, unless you used up ALL the water in town." "Who's sleeping on the couch and who has the floor?" Nokia asked. I turned around and tossed my body into the back of the sofa. Tha back cranked down and unfolded into a bed. "Like hell if im sleeping on the floor." I muttered tossing the blankets onto the bed. I walked out of the living room and down the hall to the bathroom. When I stepped in my body was surrounded by warm steam. I must have been in the shower for twice as long as Nokia because when I finally finished up the sun was already up. I ran a towel through my hair drying it well and walked into the living room to see Nokia sleeping on the bed. I said I wasn't sleeping on the floor and he got on the bed anyways? My statement still stood, I had just about enough of sleeping on the ground. When I finished drying my hair I crawled right into the bed with a yawn. I shoved him over to the right side of the bed. Nokia was tangled up in most of the blankets and I didn't hesitate to wrench half of them off. I turned my back to him and curled up in the blankets warm folds and stayed on the left side of the bed. I feel asleep quickly, the soft sound of the dying fire was enough to put me out like a light. When I woke up I was sprawled out on the bed and Nokia was no longer beside me, I assumed I had kicked him off the bed while I was sleep. I yawned and sat up to see Nokia dead asleep at the foot of the bed in an awkward position. He laid on his back and his arms and hands dangled off the right side of the bed, his knuckles almost touching the floor and his legs were tangled around the armrest, probably the only thing keeping him from falling on his head. How do you even manage to do that in your sleep?? The fire was burned out in the fireplace and it was quiet, except for the soft chirping of birds outside. I kicked the blankets down off me and got up, slipping my feet into my boots. With a yawn, I walked into the bathroom and washed my face.

When I finished drying the water off my face I walked back into the living room. Nokia still dead asleep, I saw our coats sitting on the floor. It was kinda peaceful there. The slip of sunlight that poured its way through the curtains shone light on the dreary gray walls. Everything seemed to be in a state of calm. I knelt down and grabbed my coat, lifting it up I shook the dust off of it. The sound of the buckles on my coat clanking together got Nokia's attention and he snapped awake with a choked snort. He lifted his head looking at me, both his arms still dangling. He looked over towards one of the windows and saw the sunlight, he let out a short whine and let his head tip back down. "Morning alreaaaaaady...?" He complained rolling over and untangling his legs. I thought it was a shame that this place stood forgotten and nearly in shambles. With a little TLC the house could be turned into a quiet, cozy little place. Maybe it was just the way the sun smiled on it, but part of my wanted to just fix it up. But, of course, that'd be ridiculous. This town wouldn't have enough action for me to stay put without getting bored out of my freaking mind. After a month i'd be stir crazy. The stone houses and little cottages were cute and all, but I needed an explosion every now and then to keep the blood pumping. Besides, how would I even make any cash here? The only way I ever got currency was by doing odd jobs here and there that no one else wanted to dirty their hands with. A city provided more opportunities, being all the batshit crazy people that tend to stir there. "THUD." I looked over at the bed and no longer saw Nokia. "ooooow...." a whine sounded from the left side of the bed and walked around to see what is was. Exactly what I expected, Nokia lay on the floor rubbing his head painfully. I grabbed his hand and helped him to his feet, "How'd you even manage to sleep in that position??" I asked. Honestly, I was shocked he got any sleep at all after the hell we'd been through. "I nearly kicked you off the bed 10 or 12 times. So I moved down the foot, not wantin' to throw you on the floor or nothin'. When I have nightmares I tend to twitch around a lot. Probably how I got in such an odd position." He explained briefly. "Oh, I thought I had kicked you all night." I pushed a tuft of hair out of my face. Nokia laughed slightly. "Oh, you slept lika' kangaroo." he laughed and I eyed him a moment. He jumped and kicked his foot out a few times, "You were just kickin' and kickin' swore to gosh that you were dreaming about being a rabbit or something." I narrowed my eyes and walked off into the kitchen. "I did not." I said. "You did too!" Nokia called and sat down on the side of the bed. He pulled on his boots and messed around with the laces for a few minutes before joining me in the kitchen as I thoughtfully gazed out the window positioned just over the sink. The window faced a large, half fenced back yard, with overgrown grass and bustling weeds that whipped around in the morning's breeze. The enamel white paint was chipping off the windows seal, revealing patches of dark brown wood, scratched and marred beneath. "So, what's the plan?" Nokia asked, pulling on his coat and securing the bright electric blue buttons. I looked away from the window, escaping my daze of thought and looked at Nokia. He must have miss read the expression on my face because he quickly began apologizing meekly. "Oh, i'm sorry. I just thought since you're more familiar with this sorta thing than I am, you'd be the o-" "Relax," I interrupted. "I do have a plan." Nokia slowly untensed. "Oh..." He twitched his feet in an embarrassed manner, then adjusted the fedora on his head. I pulled my coat on and buckled the top three straps shut. "There is another town, almost twice the size of this one only a few miles from here. And from what I've seen of it, it's where most of the wealthy in this area stay. We should be able to supply there, with weapons and ammo get something to eat and try to track down an odd-job to make some cash. Then you know, refuel for the walk to the city which is about 50 miles, give or take." Nokia put a finger to his chin, "Well if it IS where the wealthy people stay, then they've gotta have cars. So why walk when we could ride?" Nokia smiled slowly. I snorted out a laugh, "I'll be damned if i'm letting you get behind the wheel of anything." I crossed my arms and planted my heel on the floor. "What makes you think I'd get us killed?" Nokia protested. I smirked a bit. "Its not me or you that i'm worried about, its anyone and everything outside of that car that I fear being crushed." I laughed. Nokia wrinkled his nose, "Heeeeey." he pouted. "Oh c'mon, I was only joking." Nokia thought for a moment, "Whats an odd job?" He asked. "Depends on who you're gettin' the job from." I said walking out of the kitchen and to the front door.

Getting out of that town and to the next unnoticed was considerably easy. Though it bothered me that most of the time, while we made our silent exit, he mirrored more than half of my movements. I know it's not a big deal but it seriously got on my nerves, though I didn't say anything about it. When we had arrived in the next town, the FIRST thing I saw was my face plastered on a street light. I walked over to the paper and ripped it down. "Wanted, Dead Or Alive $10,000." It HAD to have been that woman and her husband. Who else would they have pinned their child being shot on? Which is smart. I forgot how dangerous a pissed woman could be. I was SHOCKED. "I can't believe this..." I muttered and Nokia leaned over my shoulder to read the sign. "They got my BAD SIDE!" I cried. The head shot was of the right side of my head, which at the time I hadn't had the chance to completely comb out my hair and the strands were all tangled about each other, while on the left I had managed to comb it out with my fingers. "You're wanted for TEN grand?" Nokia looked at me stunned. "Here, yeah. two cities west, $40,000. The town outside of that region, $100,000. 4 counties over from there, $80,000. But im not sure if those numbers have gotten any higher." I muttered. "....What did you DO?! What does ANYONE do to be wanted DEAD or alive for THAT MUCH?!" I glared at Nokia. "Would you HUSH. If im wanted here now, its probably a bad idea for two new comers to go around yelling and drawing attention to themselves." I sighed roughly and reach back. I grabbed my hood and pulled ip up over my head, carefully I tucked my white hair back under the hood. Nokia eyed me, "Well if the hair isn't going to be the dead give away, then your EYES will be." Nokia bit into his fist nervously. "Just calm down, I've handled this sort of thing many MANY times before. Now let's go." I slipped my hands into my pockets and walked ahead. Nokia followed behind me, I could feel his anxiety and tension. I felt something in my right pocket, I pulled the contents out and saw a rolled up stack of money. I stopped walking and thought a moment. Nokia caught up and stopped beside me and I handed him the money. "Hey, go get yourself breakfast. I'll catch up later." I turned and walked down a branching road that went north, winding around to a large building passed the busy shopping areas toward the more home, neighborhood area. The streets were buzzing with people talking, walking, working. Places to be things to do. I hardly hear Nokia shout to me until he grabbed my shoulder and yanked me back. "You're just going to leave me?" He asked nervously. "Dude, you're not the one with a price over your head, in fact, you being seen without me is 20x's safer. Besides, as far as anyone here is concerned you're just a visitor. Just play it cool. You'll be fine." Nokia glanced around. "Well at least tell me where you're going.." I smiled in a kind looking manner, "Just need to pick up a few things and I tend to be very boringly picky. Figured you'd rather get something to eat than listening to me point out every flaw in everything I see." I laughed a bit and Nokia smiled. "Alright, I guess. Just try not to get your head chopped off or something." He joked turning around and walking off. It surprised me how trusting he was, especially towards someone like ME. Hell, he didn't even ask where I got that much money from. I turned and continued down the separate road. It wasn't too long of a walk before I arrived at a familiar house. Large, white, neat. Yet, there was something different. That seemingly joyful air around it was dead and gone, and it felt, dark almost. I walked up the front steps and to the large front door, grasping the golden knocker in two fingers I pounded it against the door a few times. Then I waited. The wind whipped and blew my hood down off my head and tosses my hair about. I clawed the hood back up and sighed. A large section of hair now covered my right eye and I sighed annoyed. Before I could do anything with my hair the door was pulled open. My eyes meet Rosa's, she had no smile, her hair looked like it hadn't been combed in ages, her eyes head a dead glaze over them for a fraction of a second until she realized who I was. "Y-you..." she began and stumbled backward away from the door. She was barefoot, wore loose fitting jogging pants and a gray hoodie. I calmly walked inside and she backed away, tripping on a small stand that held a very detailed stone carved head, in a fluster she fell on her rear. I shut the door behind me glancing down at her. I waved open a rift, turning to face Rosa and drew out 3 daggers. She screamed, "S-stay away from me!" and scrambled to her feet as I sealed the rift. I only replied with a cold dark glare. Loud swift footsteps pounded upstairs, I looked up just in time to see Connor appear into view at the top of the staircase. He wore a white button-up shirt tucked in neatly and dress pants. Only one of the cuffs on his sleeves had been secured so I assumed he was in the midst of preparing to go somewhere. He assessed the situation and in a flash of a second he bulleted down the steps and grabbed Rosa in his arms pulling her away from me. His body assumed a defensive posture and he stanced his feet firmly. To anyone who hadn't heard of my doings, I was just a funny looking kid. To anyone whose been a victim, I was Satan's pon. "You stay away from my wife!" He barked. I could see the intense rage growing in his eyes. "C-C-Connor, h-he did-did it! He killed...he killed Olivia! I know it was him!" Tears spilled down Rosa's flushed pale cheeks and she doubled over sobbing. "WHY?!" She cried out. "WHY-W-WHY?!?!!?" She screamed almost falling to the floor, agony strangling her voice. I twisted the daggers around in my hands. " as fast as you can and don't turn back." I heard Connor whisper to Rosa. I spoke up, "I really wouldn't advise that." I said calmly, my voice sounded as smooth as my silver blade, a strange feeling was bubbling in me. Almost ticklish, I would have laughed if I wasn't fixed on Rosa's eyes. So filled with terror and gleaming with bright tears, beautiful. "What do you want from us?" The man asked out of breath with panic and trying to put on a brave face but failing. My hood fell a bit lower over my eyes, "Well, you see..." I began. "I don't like having a price hanging over my head. Its very irritating and the two of you still breathing air is even more aggravating." At that, Connor moved Rosa behind him quickly. "You already took our daughter, what more do you want?! Wasn't that enough?" Connor bit back a growl. "I'm not going to kill either of you, if you simply remove the price you placed over me. Its that simple." I sighed. "Just do it...just do what he said.." Rosa urged softly and Connor nodded. "Alright...alright we'll do it..." he assured, but under his breath, I heard him whisper, "...fucking... monster..." At that, I cocked a smile and lowered my hood off my head. Then I calmly removed my coat and toss it aside. "Well," I chuckled. "NOW you're dead." I swung around in a flash and tossed one of my daggers, it flew from my fingertips, pierced the air and sliced clear through Rosa's neck. She collapsed onto the ground. "ROSA!" Connor cried out catching her in his arms, slowly he lowered her onto the ground, getting on his knees at her side. "Choose your words carefully, choose them wisely. Her blood stains YOUR hands. Not mine." Blood poured from her throat where the blade had sliced so cleanly through, she choked and gasped. "No! No, Rosa! Stay with me, your going to be okay!" He tore his right shirt sleeve off completely and folded it, swiftly pressing it over the wound on her neck in a desperate attempt to stop the bleeding. I watched in amusement, even if he COULD magically stop the bleeding, her lungs will be filled up and she'd literally drown in her own blood. It wasn't long before Rosa stopped twitching about and gasping for air. She fell limp and Connor clutched to her hand as though he was grasping onto life itself. ", no...Rosa...Rosa look at me, please...Rosa! Please Rosa! Open your eyes! Please just..ju- Please! NO!" He sobbed and held her limp hand to his chest as he repeatedly stroked her hair and thumbed her cheek. "Please..." He repeated. I crossed my arms and leaned against the door, watching blankly for a moment longer, the amusement wearing off. "How does it feel?" I asked. "To have someone else you love torn from you, I mean. I bet I could guess. It feels like someone punched you in the stomach about 50 times, and ripped your heart out of your chest. But just before you die, they slam it back in and force you to live on." Connor rose to his feet. "You... BASTARD!" He screamed and rushed me. I spun to the side and he slid into the door, quickly he reached for me and I jumped back. "I know how you are feeling right now. First, you can't stop yourself from crying." I dodged a punch as I spoke. "Then you're overwhelmed with anger." He tried to kick me but I jumped to the side, landing on the stairs. He lunged at me again and I jumped off, I slammed my foot into his back and leaped off of him, using him as a springboard I spun around and tossed a dagger. It slammed into his leg and he stumbled then fell to one knee. I landed lightly on the floor to the left of him raising the third dagger. "And right now, you realize that you are powerless, and no matter what you do to me, you won't be able to bring her back to you. But that doesn't make you want to kill me any less. Does it? You want to slit my throat don't you?" I tossed the dagger down. It skittered across the floor and stopped at Connor's hand. "So do it." I glared down at him. In a flash he was up, he threw me up against the wall with his forearm and pressed the dagger to my throat. But he wasn't a killer of any kind. I could see it in his eyes that he didn't have the will to. "You hesitate, because you realize that you can't just kill a kid. That wouldn't make you any better than myself now would it?" His eyes slowly lowered and his grip loosened ever so slightly. Emotions were practically vibrating off of him, trauma causing his heart to pound desperately and the thoughts in his mind to race. "I, on the other hand. Have no problem killing you." I said, turning the dagger on him and stabbing it through his throat. I caught his shirt collar just before he fell backwards. I held him up hearing the fibers pop and tear a bit. I looked dead into his eyes and he looked dead into mine, "NEVER...hesitate to kill the person whose torn someone away from you." I growled releasing my grip on his collar. He fell backwards and thudded against the floor. I opened a rift and pulled out a new shirt and pair of pants. Calmly I walked past the both of them and went into a small half-bathroom. I changed out of the bloodied clothes and walked back. Passing the dead bodies once more I grabbed my coat and pulled it on. With a sigh I opened another rift and felt around it a moment. I pulled out a large canister of gasoline and dumped it out all over the bodies, then I struck a match and dropped it. Flames roared to life and I left the house, locking the doors behind me. Greeted by the fresh air in my lungs I stuffed my hands into my pockets and began walking back toward the busier side of the city, where a majority of the shops and businesses were clustered together. As I walked I began to think. "Why the hell did I do that..?" Was the one question that buzzed in my mind. "Why did I do it..?!" I didn't WANT to kill the two of them, I swear I didn't! So why did I suddenly go there, with the strongest desire to take them both down?! What the hell was going on? What was happening to my mind...? It didn't even feel like I'd done it when I thought back on it..

Nokia was terri-...not the most SKILLED at doing business... 3 of our jobs we received, he very nearly COMPLETELY screwed up. Came soooo close to getting our heads blown off. The first one was just a Reconnaissance mission, gathering intel without being spotted was all it should have been. But no. We happened to bump into someone, and Nokia ran his mouth OFF the hinge. It was turned into a gun fight and we hardly made it out without looking like swiss cheese. The next one was a rescue operation, which believe it or not I've done a decent number of. I made Nokia swear if we got spotted that I'D do the talking and head say nothing. Well, turns out when he's nervous he talks anyways. Talked us right into a detainment cell that we were trapped inside of for nearly 48 hours. We were only supposed to go in there and free the man's daughter then leave. But noooo, we had to go out in a hell of bullets nearly getting her killed right along with us. Nokia seriously started tearing up my cred... Especially after the 3rd one.... God.... I don't even wanna tell you about that one, it's just too embarrassing... None of my jobs had ever gone that horribly, EVER. Nokia didn't really shoot anyone though. I don't think he ever even held a gun in his life, let alone fired one. He didn't really know how to use daggers all too well either, his aim was off and when you're with someone that's PANICKING all the time, the last thing you want to do is hand them blades to throw around. So I decided to do something different this time around. Instead of giving him conventional weapons that could easily BACKFIRE on me or himself, I designed a weapon for him. When I designed Nokia's weapon, I had already a lot of experience with making weaponry. Most of the daggers I use are the ones I've made. Anyway, I observed that he mostly fought at close range, like me, he was quick with close combat, but when he is really nervous, not only would he NOT be able to stop talking, he also couldn't keep a good grip on anything. He dropped guns and daggers before and left himself unarmed. So I designed blade cuffs that would attach to his wrists and forearms so he'd at least have something. "I don't know why you're so insistent that I have some sorta weapon on me. So far I've fared pretty well with just my fists." Nokia complained as I fitted the blades to his arms and secured them. "You have no idea how HORRIBLY dangerous and suicidal it is to leave yourself unarmed during a mission. You can't take this sorta thing lightly Nokia." It was almost pitch black outside and the cold air stung my skin. We were just outside of a ratty old building and I could already smell the rot and mold. I made sure they were all properly in place for a moment before releasing his arm. "I'm going to need a second run through of the plan." Nokia hopped down off the rock he was sitting on and observed the sharp silver blades along his forearms. "You weren't half listening were you?" I sighed in an annoyed way. "Hey, I TRIED to hear what he was saying but the music in that club was LOUD. To be honest, I don't know how you heard a single thing!" Nokia put his hands on his hips and turned his head away from me indignantly.
Earlier that day, Nokia and I had been approached by a man who wanted use to meet him at Club Patiqu; 2 hours after sunset, to discuss an assignment that he believed only "Mister. JP" could accomplish. I really hoped to god that nickname wasn't going to become a thing... Though, it was made clear that my name had gotten around fast in that area which made getting work a little easier but at the same time it was unsettling and dangerous. Before he parted ways with us that afternoon he gave us instructions to meet him on the second floor, that he'd be waiting near the East wing. The mans name was Keith, though I didn't think that was his actual name. Nor did I care if he provided a fake name or not. He had a sculpted face with a finely chiseled chin. His looks were structured and firm but also fresh and young, he had pale blue eyes that looked energized, his flushed pale face was dimed below the rim of his stockman hat and I noted that he was a tall fellow. He would stare down at Nokia and I with his brows furrowed in thought whenever he was speaking. The information he gave us was vague but he assured he'd clarify when we met with him. Now, it might seem simple enough to meet with the guy at Patiqu, get the information, do the job and collect our pay. But no, god no it was not that simple. 2 under aged kids, one of which recently took up a secret hobby as a man slaughterer (hint hint, me) and the other just as wanted; for single handedly destroying an entire courthouse (with people inside...) by "mistake", he didn't exactly have a loving fan base either. We had no other option, we HAD to sneak into the Patiqu. I don't mean to booooast but, stealth has always been my specialty. Unfortunately...stealth was NOT Nokia's strongest trait..But I had a plan, and it was sure to work.

We arrived at the Patiqu almost 2 hours after the sun had vanished from the horizon, and I was scanning the building from a short distance. It was located in the very heart of the city, where most of the commotion and News worthy drama would take place. The Patiqu was a flashy joint with 6, bright neon blue pillars that toward along the 3 story building. A massive diamond carved from stunning silver, toward just above the entrance where the glowing light from the pillars danced off of it and lit up the night. I could hear loud music pounding from inside. Just out of sight, hidden by night fall, Nokia sat 3 yards west of the main entrance, he was going to be a distraction. I heard that a lot of unpleasant folk can be found hanging out in the Patiqu so I warned Nokia to be careful. Though I didn't hold my breath. 2 guards stood at the front entrance on either side of a red velvet rope. 3 guards stood at the rear door for VIP entry. I pulled a small compact mirror out of my back pocket and thumbed it open, I was going to use it to reflect the light and signal to Nokia that I was ready. Not original, or inspired, but it was effective. I twisted the mirror and turned it at just an angle that the light bounced off and caught Nokia's eye. This was where he was to get the attention of the guards in front of the VIP entrance. Going in through the main doors would have attracted far to much attention and the VIP entrance was secluded from the rest of the building, but it did mean dealing with more security. I watched Nokia rise from his hiding spot, tucked away beneath a large tree and approach the guards in front of the VIP entrance. I rose to my feet but crouched low and stepped lightly through the grass, careful to keep from being spotted by the guards at the main entrance. "-I'm not gonna say it again. Now beat it before I crack your skull open!" I heard one of the guards growl as I edged near with my back pressed against the side wall. I peeked cautiously around the corner to see not one of the guards had budged from their posts. Anyone could tell that they were really not in the mood for some "punk kid" to cause trouble, and their patients was draining fast. I could easily take all three of them out without making a peep of noise while there attention was mainly focused on Nokia buuut.... I needed Nokia to take the lead on this bit, he wasn't going to gain any skills anyways if I dealt with all the hard areas and rough patches. Nokia spotted me peering around the corner and waved my right hand to the side then raised it up a few times telling him to kick it up a notch. Then I raised a finger to my lips to signal him to pretend I wasn't even there, and he did just that. I could have made the biggest mistake ever, or this would go well, it was up in the air at this point. There was so much about Nokia I couldn't really figure out, and things about him I probably didn't even know. Maybe he packed a secret?

"Look, guys. I'm not here to cause you any problems I-" "Then SCRAM!" One of the guards roared and interrupted Nokia mid sentence. "RUDE!" Nokia stamped his right foot down in a pouting manner as he crossed his arms across his chest. "Listen here buddy, I just busted my ass walking who knows HOW MANY miles to meet Mr.Rochi and I can't even get into the god damn building!" I thought a second, Mr.Rochi? Who the hell was that? But then.. I figured out what he was doing. "So one of you guys climb down off your high freaking horse and walk your tacky ass in there and FIND him and tell him to come OUTSIDE so we can SPEAK LIKE GENTLEMEN!. You useless knuckle heads." Nokia growled. One of the guards stepped forward swiftly and just as I was about to draw one of my daggers, the security guard that seemed to be in charge of the small group threw his arm out to the side, stopping him mid step. "Now, the last thing we need is another messy situation on our hands. Just go in and check with Alv', see if a Mr.Rochi checked in this evening." He said calmly and his name tag glimmers a gold in the light. It read, "Breck" which I thought to be a rather odd name. One of them departed, when the door was opened the sound of music grew louder and roared through the door in a mashed up wave of voices, music and laughter, once the door clicked shut again it lowered and became soft and muffled. Nokia paced back and forth near the two security guards. "Thanks, I appreciate it." He said calmly. I continued to watch, curious to see what he'd do next. Nokia tripped over his own ankles and crashed into one of the guards, knocking him onto the ground rather hard. "Oh, i'm SO sorry!" Nokia said quickly fumbling his words a bit and climbed to his feet. The guard stood up, his face burned with scowl, but simply dusted off his arm and assured Nokia that it was only a mistake, and no apologies were in order. The guard that had parted from there company now returned, emerging through the door followed by the chaos inside. He leaned over and whispered something to the guard that remained to the right of the door. He noded and turned to Nokia. "No one by the name of Rochi has checked in." Nokia's face twisted into a shocked look, "Seriously? He s- Wait... whats the name of this place again?" Nokia asked stepping back and looking up at the build as if to find a sign. "This is the Patique." the guard answered. Nokia's mouth slowly fell open and his cheek became a rose red as though he was hot with embarrassment. " would seem I've got the wrong establishment..Sorry for the trouble, but thank you for checking." Nokia turned and walked away from the guards, he headed towards me and rounded the corner calmly. I stood up and followed behind him. "Well..?" I whispered. Nokia smiled and held up a keycard between his middle and index fingers. I won't lie, I was surprised. I laughed a bit and smacked his arm lightly, "I didn't know you could pick pocket, let alone put on a show that convenceing." I said when we were a safe but short distance from the Patique, under a towering tree. "This'll get us into the storage wing to the south. From in there we can get into the main bar area, then we just gotta find a set of stairs and get up to the second floor. Easy peasey lemon squeezy." Nokia handed me the keycard with a proud smile on his face. "Good work. But it's not gonna be that easy. For one thing we can't be spotted by ANYONE inside. We have to stay low, and draw as little attention to ourselves as possible. Then we have to find a way to get into the VIP lounge. God, why couldn't this dude pick an old dump or something to meet up at?" Nokia watched carefully for any on lookers while was edged around to the storage door. I handed Nokia the key card, "You may do the honors." I sad. He took the cared with a childish beaming grin and swiped the card. A soft beep and then the light on the panel flashed green as the door unlocked. I slowly pulled open the door and peeked inside. Instantly I was hit with a harsh cold air. It was a cooler room. The muffled music seemed to vibrate my ears. There were boxes and crates piled high, filled with beers, whiskeys, wines and other junk. We crept inside and I already began shaking, I didn't understand why I was unable to regulate my body temperature but then was hardly the time to worry about it. At the other side of the room was another door and I could only assume it lead into the bar, or at least behind it. Putting my hand to the knob felt like plunging my hand into dry ice. Though, I ignored this strange feeling and quietly pushed the door open. The moment the seal on the door was broken, the muffled sound of music and laughter roared up and stampeded through my ears. The noise was so loud it felt like my head was vibrating. Peeking through the door I saw a few bar tenders rushing about. Some throwing together drinks, others snatching up tips. After a minute I motioned Nokia to follow me and slipped through the door. The bar tenders had their hand full with a couple that had a few shots to many. Nokia and I walked swiftly passed the counter and were immediately swallowed by the crowd. I never saw so many people crammed together in such a limited space. We couldn't go more than 2 seconds without someone slamming into us as we did out best to push through the crowed swiftly. I checked over my shoulder ever few moments to make sure Nokia hadn't gotten trampled over. When we finally made it out of the thick of the crowd, we reached the calmer outer edge near the wall. Nokia tapped my shoulder and pointed towards a flight of stairs, in front of them two guards were posted. Next to them was a gold sign and in bold black lettering, "V.I.P" was carved into it. I glanced around quickly searching the crowd for any other security guards that may be keeping a watch. When I was certain that there were no guards to see up, I grabbed Nokia's wrist and pulled him along. Neon lights flashed and danced across the walls and floor. We stopped at the side of the stairs and shrunk back a bit, out of sight of the guards posted at the front. They had their backs to us but I was still cautious. Nokia and I looked up the the stair rail, which from where we were standing was about 9ft up. We exchanged glances and instantly had the same thought. Nokia took a few steps back as I crouched down slightly and cupped my hands lacing the fingers together tightly. Nokia glanced back up at the rail then sprinted forward. His right foot landed in my palms and he jumped up. Just as he jumped I provided a boost by standing swiftly and raising my hands. He caught a hold of the rail and pulled himself up. Once he dropped over onto the stairs he peered down at me. It didn't seem like i'd manage to make it up there but Nokia wasn't the type to go on without me. He reached his arm down as far as he could but his hand was still out of reach even when I stood on my toes to try and reach. He folded his torso down over the rail and reached down farther. I jumped up and managed to catch his wrist, pressing my feet to the side of the stairs and climbed up. We hurried up the stairs without hesitation and began to scan the area for Keith. There were only a handful of people around so spotting him wasn't difficult. He sat at a table alone, with a set of cards laid out in front of him. He frowned at them as he twisted a watch around his wrist and bounced him right leg up and down uneasily. The sound of the music began to drain from my ears as I walked over to him, I focused enough to completely block out the sound downstairs. I sat down in a chair just across the table from him. He looked up from the cards at me, "Ah, Mister JP! You showed. " he smiled. Nokia studied the card arrangement a moment. "Look," Keith began and looked at his watch. "Have to make this quick." I leaned forward, "Yeah, sure sure. But before that. Why in the HELL couldn't you have chosen a place to meet that was easier to get into? You know how much time that ate up?" Keith bit his knuckle only a moment then glanced at his watch again. "I needed some proof that you'd pull it off. Even if its something as basic as sneaking into a club, just wanted to make sure you could make it through in time." he pointed at his watch. "The two of you are not a second late. Thats good, I need a pair thats fast. " I glanced at his clock and it read 10:59. 1 minute had been spared. "Look," Keith began again as Nokia dragged a chair over to the table and sat down next to me. When Keith turned his head I saw the tattoo on his neck that was the well known symbol for a rapidly rising gang. He pointed at the symbol. "I dropped out from this stink hole organization a few months ago. Since then, I've been tagged by those bastards goons. They don't take no for an answer JP. And let me tell you something. I don't care about the number of times they've jumped me, I don't care how many times I have to pick up and move, or how many night i'm awake at night waiting to be shot. But they've gone too far this time, too far JP. I guess the ex-boss is pissed he hasn't scared me into running back with my tail tucked between my legs by now. He kidnapped my little sister. Said if I don't rejoin by midnight tonight her bloods gonna be on my hands." Me and Nokia both looked at each other a moment. Midnight? It was already after 11pm! Cutting it a little close? I'd think so. "After my father died I promised my mother that i'd do everything physically possible to help support the family, to help take care of my sister, Lilia. I guess that led to me making some stupid choices. Got messed up in the wrong people, but it made decent cash. Never told my mom about it, always hid the mark from here. Only a month had passed, things seemed to be getting better. Finally able to get food on the table again but then, she died of a heart attack. Out of the blue. I kept my promise. Did whatever I needed to do to keep my sis safe but....I saw it'd but her in danger. So I dropped out but, thats what put her in harms way in the first place. Pissed off the wrong people."
Jack's Story Pt. 14
;-; Heeeeey, dev has a text limit. Thats news for meeee. 
Oc Jack, Age: 8 [Color Added]
Have not colored in my pictures in a little while, and im a bit rusty now >~<
Oc Jack, Age: 8
"Mommy, I think I hurt someone. Heehee...K'ha..." This is my OC Jack when he was 8 years-old. This is the moment of his very first murder, the murder of his little brother. It was when his very first persona came to be, 12 days AFTER his dads slaughter. This is the insane persona that takes much pleasure in torching others. He is plagued by 4 other persona's that all fight for control and dominance. This is what his mother woke up to at 2 in the morning one day. His brother was stabbed almost 40 times in the chest stomach and throat.  
Basically a picture of my OC Jack, in a bit of a tangle with his future self. Though I WANT to say it's his Naga form, it does in this image aprear to be older then he, just looking at the proportion and whatever.  


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